Across the country pharmacists including the pharmacist at Aubrey Pharmacy is leveraging their relationship with patients to provide quality care through med sync (medication synchronization) programs. Med sync also allows you to work with our pharmacist to help ensure you are sticking to your medication regimen. This once a month appointment day also helps to increase the dialog between the patient and the pharmacist, which allows for additional patient care services.

What Are the Benefits of Med Sync?

One of the common problems people encounter is missing doses of their...


Vaccines have made many preventable diseases very rare, but outbreaks still occur, so it is very important to get your child’s back-to-school vaccinations. Come on in to Aubrey Pharmacy today to avoid the rush in August– we’ll take good care of you.

Whether they’re in preschool or college, kids of all ages need vaccines. This not only keeps them healthy, it keeps those around them healthy too. Texas state law requires certain vaccines for school-aged children, so we’ll help you make sure...


If you are planning a trip and will be traveling by plane, correctly packing medication for air travel will make it easier to have your prescriptions from Aubrey Pharmacy near you as well as meet the TSA guidelines. The guidelines for carry-on items are fairly strict; however, the restrictions on gels, liquids and other items typically do not apply to those who are carrying necessary medical supplies or medications, as long as you follow the basic rules. The following tips will help you with the task of correctly packing your medications.

Pack Extra Medicine

When packing for...


Brand Name Drugs vs. Generic Drugs – What is the Difference? When given the option of generic drugs vs. brand name drugs many people aren’t sure if it is safe to take a generic drug or if the generic version will work as well as the brand name. Generic drugs are equivalent to the brand name version. When drugs are first developed, there is usually only a brand name version, but when the patent expires on that drug, other companies can sell the same drug under a generic name. So, when picking up your prescriptions at Aubrey Pharmacy you can rest assured that your generic drugs have the...


Sometimes choosing a locally owned pharmacy like Aubrey Pharmacy has many advantages over chain pharmacies. If you are seeking a new pharmacy that can meet all your needs, here are some top reasons why a privately owned choice might be your best bet:

Lower prices

Well-known chain pharmacies are notorious for inappropriately hiking up the prices of not only prescriptions, but the other items, as well. Whenever you get a new prescription or you’re in need of having a current medication refilled, you should call around to the various pharmacies to compare prices. You will likely...


One of the most common questions asked at Aubrey Pharmacy is “what are the differences between generic drugs and name brand drugs”? When given the option of choosing name brand or generic drugs, many people aren’t sure if generic drugs are safe or if they will work as well as the name brand. Actually, the generic drugs are equivalent to the name brand and you can save money if the generic version is available for your specific medication.

What’s the Difference Between Generic and Name Brand?

Each drug that is developed gets a patent on the name version, so when the patent...


If you are unable to take an available drug or you need a medication that has been discontinued, your pharmacist at Aubrey Pharmacy can recreate the medication by way of compounding. In prescription compounding, your pharmacist is trained to take the physician’s prescription and mix the individualized ingredients together to make a medication that is tailored to you. When using this technique, the pharmacist will closely work with both you and your physician to ensure that your unique medical needs are met. If you are still unsure whether compounding will be beneficial for your medication...


Have you heard about Dispill prescription packaging? Your prescriptions are critical to your health and well-being, but often times they also are a source of frustration, time and risk. If you take several medications each day and you need to take them at different times of the day, it can be extremely overwhelming to keep track of which medications you need and when you need them. We’ve got good news! At Aubrey Pharmacy, we offer Dispill packaging, which makes it safe and easy for you to take your medications.

What is Dispill Prescription Packaging?

Dispill is a patented,...


Spring means trees are blooming and the flowers are budding, but for many people, spring also means the itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and a runny nose from seasonal allergies. If you are like many others who love spring but dread the symptoms of allergies that go with it, the good news is with a little preplanning, you can reduce the symptoms of allergies. Aubrey Pharmacy has gathered some tips to help you be prepared to fight against the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Reduce Your Exposure to Triggers

The first line of defense is to reduce your exposure to the...


Texas is a truly great place. People can visit countless waterparks and amusement parks, including Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, see breathtaking caverns in Austin, touch the spices of Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley and more, depending on the season. Unfortunately, the vast trails, tales and experiences of Texas come at a cost to your sinuses, seasonal allergies (rhinitis), and Aubrey Pharmacy wants to help reduce your suffering by spreading awareness about why rhinitis is so prevalent.