Benefits of Prescription Compounding

If you are unable to take an available drug or you need a medication that has been discontinued, your pharmacist at Aubrey Pharmacy can recreate the medication by way of compounding. In prescription compounding, your pharmacist is trained to take the physician’s prescription and mix the individualized ingredients together to make a medication that is tailored to you. When using this technique, the pharmacist will closely work with both you and your physician to ensure that your unique medical needs are met. If you are still unsure whether compounding will be beneficial for your medication regiment, here are a few benefits of prescription compounding that shows how it can help you live a happier and healthier life.

Medications are Easier to Use

Many medications have an unpleasant flavor, which makes it difficult for people to take them as directed, especially medications for young children and the elderly. When compounding a prescription, the pharmacist is able to custom make the prescription with the flavor of choice, making it especially for dealing with patients who refuse medications because of the taste.

Access to Discontinued Medications

Large drug manufacturers often discontinue the production of certain drugs; unfortunately, this makes it difficult for those who still need these medications in order to fill their prescriptions. Just because a medication has been discontinued does not mean that you no longer need this specific medication. By having access to the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients and quality control techniques, our compounding pharmacist’s play an important role in providing our customers access to discontinued medications by recreating or reproducing the medication to ensure you can continue to have the benefits of the prescription.

Alternative Dosage Forms

Compounding pharmacists are also able to create your medications in the form you prefer. For example, if you have difficulty swallowing pills, your prescription can be compounded into a liquid form. Compounding medications from pill to liquid form is also extremely convenient for patients who receive their medications via a g-tube, because you no longer have to dissolve the pill in a liquid before using it. Some medications may also be compounded into a topical form that allows the medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream through your skin.

Allergy Friendly Medications

Unfortunately, medications often contain ingredients that may cause sensitivity or an allergic reaction, such as alcohol, flavorings, dyes and lactose. Prescription compounding allows the pharmacist to create medications that do not contain offending ingredients, so the medication is not only easier to tolerate, but safer as well.

As a compounding pharmacy, here at Aubrey Pharmacy we are able to offer services than many larger pharmacies can’t and when it comes to compounding, identifying our patient’s needs is our top priority. Compounding allows our pharmacist to use their drug knowledge and help you and your physician have access to a unique treatment plan.

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