Brand Name Drugs vs. Generic Drugs – What is the Difference?

Brand Name Drugs vs. Generic Drugs – What is the Difference? When given the option of generic drugs vs. brand name drugs many people aren’t sure if it is safe to take a generic drug or if the generic version will work as well as the brand name. Generic drugs are equivalent to the brand name version. When drugs are first developed, there is usually only a brand name version, but when the patent expires on that drug, other companies can sell the same drug under a generic name. So, when picking up your prescriptions at Aubrey Pharmacy you can rest assured that your generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the equivalent brand name.

Safety, Strength and Effect

Generic and brand name drugs both must meet exactly the same standards for safety, effectiveness and quality. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) require generic drugs to have the same quality, purity, stability and strength as the name brand version. Generic drugs receive the same testing as brand name drugs to ensure their ingredients and performance meet the FDA’s standards for equivalency. Another misconception about generic drugs is that they take longer to work than their brand name equivalent. This is not true, generic drugs work in your body the same as its brand name form.

Price Difference

When a drug company develops a new drug and submits it for approval from the FDA, they are issued a patent, which prevents other companies from selling the drug (during the life of the patent). When the drug patent is close to expiration, other drug manufacturers can apply to the FDA to sell a generic version of the drug. There is no cost for development, research and trials for generic drugs, because the work has already been done, so the drug can be sold at a discount. The lower price does not mean that the drug is less effective or safe, it simply means that there was no extensive and expensive research and development required by the company selling the generic version, so you save money on the same medication as the brand name.

The bottom line is you can use generic drugs with confidence. Although they may look different than their brand name version, generic drugs are safe and effective. Keep in mind that any medication changes you have must be discussed with your physician and your Aubrey Pharmacy pharmacist.

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