Dispill Prescription Packaging: What Do I Need To Know

Have you heard about Dispill prescription packaging? Your prescriptions are critical to your health and well-being, but often times they also are a source of frustration, time and risk. If you take several medications each day and you need to take them at different times of the day, it can be extremely overwhelming to keep track of which medications you need and when you need them. We’ve got good news! At Aubrey Pharmacy, we offer Dispill packaging, which makes it safe and easy for you to take your medications.

What is Dispill Prescription Packaging?

Dispill is a patented, innovative multi-dose form of prescription packaging. It is an easier as well as safer way for you to take your medication. Each package contains blisters that are personalized with your prescription medications for specific times, including morning, noon, evening and bedtime. For example, all of your medications that are taken in the morning are in one individual blister. Each blister is also labeled with your name, the date, time and the medications that it contains.

Features of Dispill Packaging

One of the best features is the convenience. Our pharmacist coordinates with you and your doctors on all of your medications, then we send you a disposable, pre-filled and color-coded blister pack that contains your prescriptions for the next four weeks. Other features of Dispill prescription packaging include:

  • The packaging is easy to open
  • Each blister is detachable and portable, so if you are going out for the day or even the weekend, simple detach and bring along the appropriate blisters
  • Cleaner and more convenient than a traditional pill box
  • It is an effective medication reminder system
  • Easy to read and understand labeling (color coded for the time of day)
  • Easily accommodates discontinued medications or dosage changes
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly dispensing available

Dispill prescription packaging is designed to make your life easier and taking medications safer. Each Dispill packaging is filled directly by your Aubrey Pharmacy pharmacist. Ask our staff today about our Dispill packaging service and for more information about how you can get signed up.

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