Packing Medication for Air Travel

If you are planning a trip and will be traveling by plane, correctly packing medication for air travel will make it easier to have your prescriptions from Aubrey Pharmacy near you as well as meet the TSA guidelines. The guidelines for carry-on items are fairly strict; however, the restrictions on gels, liquids and other items typically do not apply to those who are carrying necessary medical supplies or medications, as long as you follow the basic rules. The following tips will help you with the task of correctly packing your medications.

Pack Extra Medicine

When packing for travel, it is important to pack extra supplies and medicine in case there are travel delays or you are away from home longer than expected. It is important to pack your medications in both your check-in luggage and a carry-on, in case your luggage gets lost in transit.

Copies of Prescriptions

You should carry a copy of all of your prescriptions either in your purse, wallet or carry-on luggage. The best way to do this is either by obtaining a copy of your prescription sheets from Aubrey Pharmacy or you can create a list. If you create a list, it should include the name of the medication, the dosage, how often you take them and the prescribing doctor. This list will also be helpful if you have liquid medication that exceeds TSA’s 3-ounce rule as well as ensure you don’t forget any of your medications or supplies while packing.

Original Containers

Make sure all of your prescriptions are in their original containers and that you first and last name is clearly marked on the label of each container. If you have prescriptions that are a controlled substance, such as oxycodone, it is recommended that you include a letter from the prescribing physician with the drugs. If you have injectable medications, it is extremely important that you keep the medications and syringes together. TSA regulations may prevent you from boarding with syringes only and not the medication that they are used for and in some situations, the airlines may request that they hold on to these medications while in flight, so these should be kept together in an airtight ziplock bag.

Packing Prescriptions

All medications for air travel should be placed in a clear plastic bag so that the airline officials and security can clearly see what you have. Keep this bag within easy access, so you can retrieve it from your carry-on luggage when you go through the airport security checkpoint. If medications require refrigeration, pack them in a clear plastic bag and store in an insulated container, such as a small lunch box. To help keep the medications cool, especially on long flights, place a freezer pack in the bag.

When you get to the airport security checkpoint, declare your medications immediately; this will let the officers know about your special circumstances. If your medications cannot go through an X-ray machine, inform the TSA officer and request a visual inspection of the medications. Remember, the medication containers must contain the original label placed on the bottle from Aubrey Pharmacy, as well as include your name and the name of the medication.

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