What is the Difference Between Locally Owned Pharmacies and Chain Pharmacies?

Sometimes choosing a locally owned pharmacy like Aubrey Pharmacy has many advantages over chain pharmacies. If you are seeking a new pharmacy that can meet all your needs, here are some top reasons why a privately owned choice might be your best bet:

Lower prices

Well-known chain pharmacies are notorious for inappropriately hiking up the prices of not only prescriptions, but the other items, as well. Whenever you get a new prescription or you’re in need of having a current medication refilled, you should call around to the various pharmacies to compare prices. You will likely be astounded at how much cheaper you can get most medications at a smaller, locally owned choice like Aubrey Pharmacy. Aubrey Pharmacy goes above and beyond to offer the best prices, and they accept most insurance plans.

According to Consumer Reports, a study was conducted on chain pharmacies, and the results were shocking. It was discovered that chain pharmacies increase the prices of their prescriptions by up to 18 times the actual amount.

A more personalized experience

Privately owned pharmacies are small and independent. Each time you go in to have a prescription filled or to make a purchase, the staff will know you. You are likely to be greeted by name as well as with a smile. Since the staff and pharmacist know you, they can easily notify you if you’re prescribed a new medication that might adversely interact with your current medications. Chain pharmacies may not make this discovery until it’s too late.

In addition, the pharmacists at Aubrey Pharmacy, are more likely to take the time out to meet with you and discuss your medications and the potential for side-effects. This service is also offered at chain pharmacies, but the sessions are often hurried due to the fact that the pharmacist has to meet the needs of other customers. In fact, the chain pharmacist may want to spend more time assisting you, but can’t in order to satisfy corporate time mandates and policies.

As you can see, the pharmacy that you choose to handle all of your prescription needs is important. That is why it is smarter to choose a locally owned choice like Aubrey Pharmacy. Aubrey Pharmacy, helping you stay healthy and serving customers in the Aubrey area, Pilot Point, Providence, Paloma Creek, Savannah, Little Elm and along the 380 Corridor.

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